Intoduce yourself

I'm Sam Foulkes - Online & PT Transformation Coach

My journey began when I was 16 after a serious accident. A tow hitch tractor crushed my entire left foot, so I could no longer play rugby, which was my absolute passion. I loved playing that game and now I couldn't do it anymore. I had to turn my attention and find another passion. My rugby career required intensive training. As soon as I could walk again, which was after six months maybe 8, I got back into the gym and started to shift away from the weight I put on during recovery, which was a lot. I lost all the weight I had put on during recovery and found my absolute love for training again.

I have always loved the training. It has always been a release of mine, somewhere I can go and just forget about everything. Around the same time, I started helping friends on their weight loss journeys. They saw my body change and wanted some advice on how I did it. I started giving them advice and then they started doing really well. Watching them change and regain control of their weight made me feel a certain way. That fire of seeing someone change right before my eyes gave me so much joy. It made me passionate about something again. I had found my absolute calling.

I became a coach and have never looked back. This career has given me so much. It has taken me from my local area to Dubai and has given me more opportunities than I could ever imagine. Seeing people transform their lives, not just their bodies, gives me such a joyous feeling I can't describe. There is no feeling in my mind that compares to that. Seeing someone going from barely being able to look at themselves in the mirror to wearing a bikini on the beach is an indescribable feeling.

I love what I do, and I aim to help as many people as I can as best as I can. That's my life's purpose. I have probably been in a similar situation as you, I have done things I didn't fully understand. But I have done the research and have helped many people in a similar situation as you are. I am always here to help in whatever area it may be just a question, a full-blown plan, or a one-to-one session. My aim as a coach is to help and get you where you want to be. That's my love and passion.